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New Way California
2019 Summit


RECAP: Summit 2019


Our 2nd Annual New Way California Summit brought together some of California’s most prominent policy experts to discuss our state’s most pressing problems.

Not only were we able to live stream our key note addresses and panels, our facilitated policy roundtables put stakeholders of all ideologies across the table from each other for the very first time.

Our hope was to change the divisive dialogue that plagues politics today in order to help reimagine a better California.  The New Way California Summit 2019 was held on March 5, 2019 at the Crest Theatre in Sacramento. 


What They’re Saying


“[New Way California] is eager to show after the 2016 election that California Republicans need not doubt the science of climate change, cater only to business or consistently stand by the president.”

Christopher, Ben. “Centrist summit encourages California GOP to go its own way.“ CALmatters 5 March 2019.

“People are watching to see if Republican legislators can thread the needle - can come up with issues here and discussions here and action in the state capital that appeals to voters across party lines. If they do that they'll be able to start working their way back up.”

Marinucci, Carla. “San Diego Mayor Faulconer Speaks Out On Future Of California GOP.”Midday Edition. KPBS 6 March 2019.

“[Schwarzenegger] and a collection of Californians are urging the state GOP to detract from President Trump’s playbook and get involved in issues the party has more or less abandoned: immigration, climate change and housing.”

Cahill, Nick. “California GOP Looks for ‘New Way’ After Midterm Pummeling." Courthouse News Service 5 March 2019.

“Schwarzenegger said California Republicans don't need to mirror the national GOP. To that end, he and others believe California Republicans should weigh in on issues like climate change and income inequality.”

Orr,Katie. “Moderate California Republicans Want New Direction for State GOP.” The California Report. KQED 6 March 2019.

“San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer called on fellow Republicans to distance themselves from Washington politics and create a party "tailored to the people of California.”

Cavanaugh,Maureen. “San Diego Mayor Faulconer Speaks Out On Future Of California GOP.”Midday Edition. KPBS 6 March 2019.


Keynote Address:

Bill Kristol

Director, Defending Democracy Together and Republicans for the Rule of Law

with special guest speakers:

Arnold Schwarzenegger

California’s 38th Governor 


Former Assemblywoman 

Kevin Faulconer

Mayor of San Diego

Samuel Rodriguez

President, National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, Founder and Lead Pastor of New Season Christian Worship Center

kristin olsen

Stanislaus County Supervisor, New Way Board Member


New Way Board Member