Join us if you think the old way isn't working.



Californians are tired of partisanship and government dysfunction. They
expect elected leaders to address the state’s pressing problems. Just saying “no” or blindly opposing any proposal for purely partisan reasons does not serve our constituents. The most durable solutions have bipartisan support. We will work collaboratively to advance solutions on issues that are important to all Californians. New Way is committed to building trust and achieving bi-partisan solutions.




We are here to prove our commitment to civil self-government that respects individual liberties and equal rights for all people. Race, religion, gender do not determine a person’s abilities or natural rights, and should not affect the way we govern. New Way values the knowledge and experiences of others, and recognizes that all people should be free to express themselves.


Expand Opportunity


Every Californian should have the opportunity to go as far as their abilities and drive can take them. Unfortunately, not everyone has the same chance to develop their abilities. Often it is clear that a helping hand is needed because too many people are excluded from achieving their dreams. New Way is committed to policies that increase opportunities for all Californians.


Promote Compromise


Compromise is not a dirty word; it is an art that allows both sides to achieve success. The rigid adherence to strong ideologies that have become a litmus test for both the left and the right only results in failure. Absent compromise, California remains permanently stuck with the status quo.  New Way recognizes Californians deserve positive and constructive leadership.


Engage in civil discourse


Either through social media tweet storms or rigid partisanship, it’s clear that the basic institutions of our democracy are under assault. Californians deserve elected leaders who understand civil discourse and servant leadership will make our government more responsive and improve the lives of all Californians. New Way supports a vibrant market place of ideas and is dedicated to a return of civil discourse.


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