California stands up for clean air

Four major automakers recently reached a deal with California to toughen standards for gas mileage and greenhouse gas emissions, bypassing the federal government’s push to relax nationwide mileage standards.

The agreement between the California Air Resources Board and the automakers — Ford, Honda, Volkswagen and BMW — covers about 30% of new cars and SUVs sold in the United States.

Steps like these to stand up for clean air are critical for California, while automakers see the agreement as “insurance” to provide some much needed certainty to the industry and the state no matter who wins the 2020 presidential elections.

This groundbreaking agreement puts pressure on the federal government along with other automakers that can all add up to a healthier future for Californians and our environment across the country. 

Fighting for clean air is a priority for New Way California and we are proud of California's willingness to partner with private sector manufacturers who in turn came to the table openminded. Together, they have helped to foster a better business environment and protection for the air we breathe.

This exciting development, along with the steps California’s cattle producers and dairy families have taken, are proof of California's commitment to meeting its climate goals.

We can accomplish so much more when we come together to find innovative, long-lasting solutions.

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