Finding love in a culture of contempt

The country is divided on so many issues - especially here in California. It is no secret that polarization has risen and often gets in the way of policy, therefore obstructing meaningful change. 

New Way California was founded on the principles of expanding opportunity, creating bipartisan solutions, promoting compromise, engaging in civil discourse and caring for all people.


Consider these principles juxtaposed with the sentiment of social scientist Dr. Arthur Brook's posit on modern civility amidst the culture of contempt: 

"Some say we need to agree more, but that's wrong; disagreement is good because competition is good. It makes us sharp and strong whether in sports, politics, economics, or in the world of ideas. We don't need to disagree less, we need to disagree better. 

Other people say we need more civility. That's wrong too. Civility is a hopelessly low standard for us as Americans... If we're going to beat the problem of contempt, we're going to need something more radical than civility...we need love."


Looking at our state's political agenda through this lens, it becomes clear that our issues are far too important to wait for someone else to make a change in our public discourse. When it comes to finding housing for the homeless, preparing our communities for natural disaster, negotiating international trade or understanding how our actions effect the future of our planet — how can we disagree better, today?

Will you join New Way in stepping up to bring love back to California politics and look for the best in others? Please consider spreading the word about this New Way of thinking by sharing this message with your family and friends!

Thank you!

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