President Bush and Ellen Degeneres Did What?

Talkshow host Ellen DeGeneres and President George W. Bush caused a social media firestorm over the weekend as they were seen sitting next to each other at the Dallas Cowboys NFL football game. 

It left many asking why Ellen, an outspoken liberal Democrat, would sit next to a former Republican president - especially one she disagreed with so publicly during his time in office.

Ellen's response? See for yourself below as she details the sequence of events that proved to be a powerful example of the importance of giving kindness freely in our everyday lives, even to those who we don't agree with.

For Ellen and President Bush, politics is not a zero sum game. This is a good lesson that all of us can learn from.

We hope that you will continue to join us as we seek to foster kindness in our communities, and consider sharing this light-hearted video with your friends and family.

Thank you! 

-New Way California

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