Lives and property at risk due to climate change


A report released last week authored by hundreds of U.S. climate scientists from 13 federal agencies (the Fourth National Climate Assessment, Volume II) warns of "hundreds of billions of dollars" in economic loss to fields including labor and property if significant changes are not made. 

The report's conclusion: Lives and property are already at risk in the U.S. due to climate change.


This year, California reached an important benchmark, lowering climate change-causing emissions below 1990 levels (four years earlier than expected). The California Assembly took action to continue this progress by approving a 100 percent zero-emission energy by mid-century goal.

New Way leaders have also put partisan politics aside to help reinforce strong support for California's fuel economy standards (CAFE), in response to the federal Environmental Protection Agency's proposal to rollback regulations. The Fourth National Climate Assessment only further proves how these standards are vital to public health, our environment and our economy.

Fighting to prevent climate change is not a partisan issue and California must continue to lead the way.

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